How to use wip_debug


I see that in order to print out debugging messages, the function wip_debug is used in samples such as the TCP ones but I’ve been looking and the wip developmen guide and haven’t found any information related to this function. I build my program for release, download it to the wavecom but at no moment I see any of the wip_debug messages I put on my code and watch the remote shell window, so, where are those messages displayed?

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See: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=1424&p=5207&hilit=wip_debug#p5207 :question:

Why not just use TRACE?

you build for release, and expect to see debug messages?

I just wanted to debug the wip commands:
wip_bearerOpen and wip_bearerStart
thus, I used that command… thanks to your repply I was able to set that function running but now I get the following error:
[GPRS]: open: -[GPRS]: start: GPRS setup failed: -9
From that I get that it was able to set the bearer over GPRS but that it is not able to start connecting, on the development manual I see that there is a list for the possible returning errors for the wip_bearerStart function and if I’m correct, that error corresponds to an error at the link layer setup… can someone tell me which might be a possible cause for this problem? or the most common cause?


is your ME registered in the network? (AT+CREG? )

You are right my module was not registered so I tryed to register it mannualy by sending at+creg=1, but it just won’t give me a connection status, it just stays at+creg=1,0… I’ve checked that the modulation band is correct and double checked with my service provider to see if sim card was correct, all that seems fine, but at+creg doesn’t change to registered…

check out the wip examples.
they init the sim, then wait for it to fully init, then wait for the module to register, and then open the bearer