Problems using "wip_bearerStart"


Hi to all!!, im using in my project the wip_bearerStart funtion and never returns 0 (this would be the OK value), instead it returns WIP_BERR_OK_INPROGRESS. The strange thing is that later it really connects with the server.

It is something usual to happend o perhaps im doing something else that i dont realize to make the connection?.

Thank you for advance.
Best Regards.


The clue is in the name: WIP_BERROKINPROGRESS :exclamation:

No, that’s not strange at all - it is perfectly normal behaviour!

See the description of the WIP_BERROKINPROGRESS code in the WIP documentation.


Thanks for your reply, i suspected that.

But, if u go to the 53 page of the wip manual its said that other value that its NON ZERO its an ERROR VALUE. Thats why i was doubting about this issue.

Thanks again!!!.


Unfortunately, that is typical of Wavecom documentation :exclamation: :angry:


I know, its a shame.
Thanks a lot!!!. :smiley: