Wip Debug Function

HI there

Can I do away with with function wip_debug() im my application?

I have decided to use wip_netInit(); and not the wip_netInitOpts(int opt,…);

Each time I used the wip_netInitOpts(WIP_NET_OPT_DEBUG_PORT, WIP_NET_DEBUG_PORT_UART1, WIP_NET_OPT_END); function I got an error because I issued a custom at command twice in my code.

Since using the function wip_netInit() and removing all the debug related statements I can issue my custom at command eg “at+afcconnect” as many times as I want and I can send a response adl_atResponseSend(ADL_AT_RSP, “Still connected to APN”) as long as the modem is still connected to the APN.

Do the errors brought back by the wip_debug function traces matter or I do not need to worry a lot about them. My application works the way I want it to after removing wip_debug traces.

well, since debug traces generally have little to do with the correct working of an application, ofcource you can.
debug messages are only to make your life as programmer more easy, but if you wish not to use them or implement your own debug method, your always welcome.

thanks. but what happens to the error that was appearing because of my issuing the custom at command again? Is it a debug error also.

well, the events (or errors) are still occuring, but you will not know what happened if you don’t use the debug messages.

as for your error, what error are you getting, what are you trying to do?
are you issuing this custom command to an external device, or to your own program (though is don’t think that is possible)?
is there maybe a conflict in the use of uart1?


I re-used wip_InitOpts() and the wip_debug functions in my code and now I do not receive the error that I was asking about. I used an if else condition to ensure that if my modem is connected to GPRS already, the response from the modem after receiving a command to connect to the apn is CONNECTED. It seems the else if statement eliminated my program.

I still do have the debugging functions.