why do I have to send some at command to uart1 get the ^&%&&* wip_bearerHandler_f event handler to execute???

after all activation and socket creation, if the network is lost and a +cgatt:0 is received, the event handler executes. so i can do something about it.

same thing as above, but if an activation is lost…
+cgact:0,0 : 0,1 no handler until i send an at command, any at command to the modem???

Hello wavelet,

I am little confused about your problem. Do you want to say that you don’t get get the WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED or any other event after context deactivation?

Have you changed the WIND parameter?


Yes, that is the problem.

After using the wip_bearerX functions to get activated, if I sent an at+cgact=0 (from terminal) the WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED event does not rise.

If I send any AT command (from terminal) like AT that has a response of OK, I only then see my unsolicited trace to uart1 (from modem), which is followed by the rest of the code execution in the WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED switch.

It looks like every thing gets bung up some how? I don’t belive I have disabled any WIND responses, or solicited commands. Besides, the code works and interfaces with the hyper term right up to that point (all traces from medem are sent out uart1) so it can’t be that?

I would really like to just handle the gprs interface with the adl and then use the wip library for the application layer communications (socket io), but I can’t get that to work. It would seem that the wip_bearerX functions some how setup the wip… tcp libraries. I think it is in the bearerOpen where the interface is chosen like “GPRS” or “PPP”, it must setup the flow control manager???

Hello wavelet,

It is strange. I’ve just tried AT+CGACT=0 and i got the WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED event. Which OS and OAT version do you use?
You can check your paramters according to the ADL User Guide 2.6 chapter. So you will find out if you change this value somwhere in the code. Are use using wip functions only for establishing the GPRS connection or do you use some AT commands also?

I use only wip and adl to establish connection and activation.

I use the at+cgatt from the within the application, but at that it is already attached, so it is not very meaning full.

I am going to have to get back to this topic when I successfully impose my will.

Just try to use only wip for establishing connection ( wip_netinit(), wip_bearerOpen(), wip_bearerStart(), start_socket). The functions will do everything that needed. I think this scenario was tested in the first round so you can expect the correct behaviour from it. I think adl_gprsSubsribe() can be safely use, it just monitors the events. So try it without the other adl_gprs functions, it should work. ( Ok, it should work with the adl_gprs functions also :slight_smile: )


Thanks for your efforts Tom.

I still am not receiving the DISCONNECTED event from within the wip_bearer handler. At least it is not getting sent to UART1. Howeverall the unsolicited responses including the ones I create with the adl do arrive on UART1 until I send the at+cgact=0 command???

I am going to have to move on. Once I find what it is I will post.