No WIP_BEV_IP_CONNECTED event (bearer)

Hi all,
I run into a problem that i need your help. My application gets data via UART port and sends it to a remote server via GPRS. The flow of GPRS is as below:
_ At startup, wait for ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT
_ Wait for creg of 1 or 5
_ Initiate bearer, wait for WIP_BEV_IP_CONNECTED
_ Open a socket (wip_TCPClientCreate).
_ Then keep the connection so that modem can send data at anytime

Everything is fine if no error event happens. When the event of WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED, then WIP_BEV_CTX_DEACT happens, i stop then close the bearer. After 1 minute, i reconnect the bearer but it always fails.

Whenever i initiate bearer again (wip_bearerOpen, wip_bearerSetOpts, wip_bearerStart), no WIP_BEV_IP_CONNECTED event is raised as expected. Instead, WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED and WIP_BEV_STOPPED events happen . Whenever WIP_BEV_STOPPED is raised, i initiate bearer again, results in a forever loop.

Even though i restart modem with AT+CFUN=1, the phenomenon still remains (creg already returned 1).

I’m using SL6087, firmware 7.51. If anyone has encountered this issue, pls give me an advice.

Thanks & Regrads,
Pham Viet Sam


I encounter this same kind of problem with FXT009 and firmware 7.47.4.
When WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED error occurs, use wip_bearerGetOpts function with WIP_BOPT_ERROR parameter to retrieve the error value.
Generally, the error value is WIP_BERR_GPRS_FAILED.
My strategy - in this case - is to do a reset of the modem if I have this error several times consecutively.
This usually solves the problem but not every time ;-(


Thank you MichaG,
I raised the issue to my distributor. Let’s wait for what they said about the root cause.

About the workaround, i’m not lucky like you. I did reset the modem as you said but it usually doesn’t help. This results in a long disconnection, which is unacceptable for my service. Could you suggest me a reset more powerful than AT+CFUN=1 so that modem restarts like a hard reset?

Thanks & Regards,
Pham Viet Sam


I think there is no more powerful AT command.