How to send commands directly through the RS232 port?

After the subscription of the UART port if I send wip_debug(“my command”); This is considered an item of command directly to the UART (RS232)?

wip_debug is intended for providing debug trace information.

if you wish to interpret that output as “commands” - then that’s up to you!

Do not understand, how can I send direct commands to my device through RS232?

adl_fcmSendData? or adl_atSendResponse? or wip_debug?

Yes - that’s the one.

Hi there

I was having an ASSERTION FAILURE whilst issuing custom at commands in my application. Here is a sample part of my application code

#define ASSERT( pred) \
if( !(pred)) wip_debug( "ASSERTION FAILURE line %i: " #pred "\n", __LINE__)
#define ASSERT_OK( v) ASSERT( 0 == (v))

each time I reissued my at command to to test what reaction I would get from the application, an error message was sent back to me. I have since removed this portion of the code and all used wip_netInit () function without options and now each time I issue my at command, I can come back with a connected if it is connected to the APN or it connects to the APN if not already connected.

Does the removal of wip_debug function have a major effect on how my application runs??? Is the error still there more importantly???

I have since removed this wip_debug and my application works the way I want it to


gugulethu: start a new thread - this has nothing to do with the current thread of discussion!

When you do, you need to show where the assertion is actually failing - all you’ve shown is the definition of your ASSERT macro.

i have this code to send command directly to my device

    adl_atSendResponse(ADL_AT_UNS, "APPLICATION MODE STARTED\n\r");
    adl_fcmSendData(FcmDataHandler,"SHOW CLIMA10",16);

But this not receiving anything, but if i connect to my device by the hiperterminal and put this commands i recived my data…

Have you studied the Application Notes about using the Flow Control Manager (FCM) :question: … developers