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Hello all,
I am new to this OpenAt developement eviorement but i am developing embedded apps for several years. Now i bought a Erco&gener GenLoc 31e in order to migrate my existing fleet management modules to wavecom platform. After installing openAT SDK3.13 with wip plugin 2.00 Build 31 i am …speechless. As i am used to, there should be sample programs that can be used to run out of the box :frowning: no such thing. There is no tcp client using a gprs connection ready made in order to test the features and have an idea about the usage of the wip library. All the documentation describes the functions of the wip but lacks the wipsoft AT command list.
About the debugging the rte mode cannot be used so how do i debug and put traces into my wip enabled application?
So to be very concise:

Can someone help me with a clear example of establishing a ppp session over GPRS and open a simple tcp socket connection to a defined server? ( please be so kind and do not send me again to the docs and the included samples scattered over 20 files without any apparent link)

Second how can i use wip and the GPS(UART2) and v24(UART1) at the same time and in the same application?

thank you for all the help,



Yes there is.

The WIP-TCP Client sample does exactly that.
I have just got it running - it took about half a day.

You can still use traces with the application running in the target - you effectively feed the serial port through the Target Monitoring Tool and its terminal emulator - see wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ternal+com

But there are some undocumented features:
wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … php?t=1424
wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … php?t=1423

This is Wavecom, after all… :unamused:

Again, the WIP-TCP Client sample does exactly that.

You can easily make your own links!

I have created an ‘Open-AT Documentation’ folder, with a shortcut to it on my desktop.

My ‘Open-AT Documentation’ folder contains shortcuts to all the documents, and the sample folders, and the ‘readme’ file for each sample

Two FCM subscriptions - one for each UART!


Thank you for pointing out all that stuff. I respect wavecom for their well done hardware. I work with their modems for more than 6 years and i have the best results using wavecom.




i had the same problem and i found the solution this morning.
for debugging with WIP, you must unuse the “wip_debug()” function. of course, don’t use the ASSERT Macro.

if you do that, all the debuging mode works.

another think, iyou user the Erco&Gener product, think of the Hardware watchdog, it makes the product reboot after 1 or 2 minute.


I’m desperatly trying to get wip to work, but whenever I include the headder file it can’t find it.

wip.h: No such file or directory

If I try to create the example with the wizard it only gives me the sample set of adl generic samples set.
I can find the files in the default location C:\OpenAT\Plug-ins\WIP\3.10.2033, but am at a loss of what I need to do to include them.

From what I’ve read the simple #include “wip.h” should work, but doesn’t. Am I mistaken there?
I’m guessing it’s something to do with the plug-ins root path, but I currently have that set to:

Any ideas anyone?

eclipse ide
windows xp pro
fastrack supreme 20


Never mind, I’m an idiot. I think I got it. For those of you having the same problem:
Click add on the linked plug-ins section in the project wizard.
You will now have access to the sample projects too.