Wismo 228 TCP/IP AT commands

I have a Wismo 228 with version L10-00g.WISMO228. Modem is attaching to cellular network and an IP number is generated using the command
AT+CGACT. I am trying to use AT WIP commands and they all return ERROR as result. I am trying to open a socket connection to a server, but
I don’t seem to find the way to do it without the WIP commands.

Can this AT WIP commands be activated by another AT command? Do I have to update Wismo’s firmware? If that’s so, anyone would care to
explain how?..and where I can obtain the firwmare.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


To get more detailed error info, use AT+CMEE=1

The WIP AT Commands are provided by an Open-AT application that has to be loaded into your module, and then started.

Are you sure that your device is ready to use WIP AT Commands?
IF you’ve only just bought it, talk to your supplier!

Without using the WIP commands, you would have to use an external application with its own TCP/IP stack…

Even with AT+CMEE=1, WIP commands always return ERROR, no more information.
I will talk to my supplier. Thanks

I got the same problem as you did. Did you resolve the problem of not able to configure the TCP/IP feature onto the Wismo228 modem? If you did, please help me to overcome that.
Thank you in advance,

I think you didn’t need sent the at+cgact command to get the gprs IP addresss. you need use the WIP command to connect the server. for TCP client example, the AT command serial is as below:

  1. at+wipcfg=1

  2. at+wipbr=1,6

  3. at+wipbr=2,6,11,“apn”

  4. at+wipbr=2,6,0,“user”

  5. at+wipbr=2,6,1,“password”

  6. at+wipbr=4,6,0

  7. at+wipcreate=2,1,“server ip”, “port number”

  8. at+wipdata=2,1,1

Does this device actually support WIP commands?


And if so, have you DOWNLOADED the WIP application and started it using AT+WOPEN=1?

WIP commands don’t need the AT+CGATT or similar commands - they take care of the attachment to network and all PPP/TCP/IP for you.

ciao, Dave

Yes, WISMO228 has WIPSOFT in it. but don’t need AT+WOPEN=1, the command isn’t supported

Hello, can someone explain to me insert Pin on wismo288?
already tried the command will
AT + CPIN = xxx
AT + CPIN: xxx
Dame always error

  • CME ERROR: operation not allowed

Help Please

It supposed to be 4 digit pin rather than 3?
Be careful not to get it wrong more than 3 times! The SIM will be locked.