Can't get FTP to work on SL6087 (help)

Has anyone tried the FTP example on the WIPsoft manual? (page 96 WIPAT_commands_User_Guide_ver_5_42.pdf)
I can’t get it to work, I get ERROR 846 followed by ERROR 841 (internal error:FCM subscription failure and peer closed, or error in the FTP connection) right after the line AT+WIPFILE=4,1,2,”./filename.txt”

I use this setup a lot as a TCP client (APN, password, hardware, antenna are ok), but this is the first time I try the FTP option.

Firmware revision level using ATI3 is

R7.46.0.201108091301.SL6087 2216044 080911 13:01

Thanks in advance


Hi Jaime,

I am guess you use Developer Studio during the test?
If yes, please try to use other terminal application (e.g. hyper terminal, TeraTerm, putty, etc) instead of developer studio and see any improvement.


Thanks Lotam for your input, but no, I’m not using the Developer Studio. I’m interfacing it with an controller using a UART to send AT commands.
I installed a newer firmware (7.51, I could not installed 7.52, it kept giving me errors when trying to download) and now at least I’m getting something from the server. The data that I’m getting has some extra bytes here and there.
I would like to start using the Developer Studio and hopefully those issues will go away.
Have you installed 7.52?

Thanks again.


These data are certainly control chars ([DLE] and [ETX]).

You need to properly escape them.

Another solution is to use the transparent mode in order to remove these control chars.


Thanks Jay, it makes sense. I’ll take a look at that. I have also looked at the possibility of using OPEN AT. The idea of the FTP is because I want to implement a DOTA and I saw an application describing that under that environment. I’m having different kind of problems using that route though.

Thanks for your input