FTP example not working

Hi everyone!

I am trying now the FTP demo program (i use OpenAT 6.57). I can get a GPRS bearer but however, after calling successfully the wip_FTPCreateOpts() function (return value not NULL), the session event handler receives no events.

This behaviour is identical to the described by tomalex in the thread
wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … .php?t=981

I’ve checked though the state of that “Internet Feature” with at+wcfm=5 and i get a
+WCFM: 00000001
that seems to mean that the feature is enabled.

Anybody has a clue about that or has managed to get that demo working?
Kind regards!

Hello prodimar,

If you are using the FTP sample program provided with WIP, i don’t advise you because i red very strange bugs (four) regarding the FTP sample’s AT+WIPCFG? command in the documentum provided with OAT 4.11. Maybe the WIP libary in OS 6.57 has this bugs as well.

Bye the way i have red also this bug:


But we should not forget that FTP is still in beta status as far as i know.

Best Regards,


Hi again!

Ok… in the end i managed to get the FTP demo working…

My main 2 obstacles were:

. In the beginning i was using an APN of my network provider which logged me in to its network (assigned IP, DNS’s, etc) but didn’t provide access to the external Internet. When i tried to connect the FTP to an Internet host i didn’t get any events (no error nor anything alike) so that kept me confused for some time. But now that the FTP server is reachable, i get the proper events.

. After fixing that, it was almost done, with the exception that i couldn’t see the data of the downloaded file anywhere. Short after i noticed that Wavecom’s Terminal Emulator stops emitting data when the port is switched to DATA mode (i was using TMT and Terminal Emulator to trace the debugging messages). In a normal serial terminal the file was displayed fine, of course.

So… that’s all! Regards!