FTP Error: "Internet Protocol Feature not activated"

Good afternoon,
I have run into a bit of an issue while trying to create an FTP client. I get the following error when I call wip_FTPCreateOpts:

ERRLOG ftp.c:101: Internet Protocol Feature not activated

The GPRS bearer is up and running, and I have a working TCP implementation (which I tried disabling to no effect), so I’m not sure what this error could mean.

I’d post my code here but I’m not sure it’d be worthwhile. The working TCP seems to prove my bearer is set up right and I don’t believe there’s any other setup to be done prior to the FTP create:

wip_FTPCreateOpts(FTP_SERVER, dlConnectionEventHandler, NULL, WIP_COPT_USER, "", WIP_COPT_PASSWORD, "", WIP_COPT_END);

Where FTP_SERVER is #defined elsewhere and the two blank strings are legitimate in the real code. Obviously I don’t call this until the bearer is connected.

I’d appreciate any help or references you can give.

Thank you

the feature is available on your module?
this is a commercial feature. it needs to be enabled (or bought).
you can find out with AT+WCFM=5 (you can look up the meaning of the result in the at user guide)

Thanks for the quick reply.
Indeed we don’t have this feature enabled. It’s somewhat questionable as to how one would do an over-the-air update without HTTP or FTP, but that’s a different discussion.

Thanks again. We’ll be working on another solution.

i think DOTA is a different feature.
the application download example isn’t using ftp features (i think)

It’s perfectly feasible to do over-the-air update without HTTP or FTP:

  • just use a raw socket connection.

  • Or you could implement HTTP or FTP yourself - without using the Wavecom feature.

  • Or you could used a Circuit-Switched Data (CSD; dial-up) call.

It’s better ask your dealer for an activation key or buy a module with internet feature activated, cause DOTA over FTP or HTTP is much simpler (and cheaper) than other solutions.

I had a question, does Q24 Plus modules supports this feature?Thanks. :question:


thanks for your relay!

but , i had a strange problem that I use the latest WIP-samples ‘ftp_put’ , and download into my q24 plus module , but actually it shows me the problem like "FTP Error: “Internet Protocol Feature not activated” " , i type at+wcfm=5 . it returns +WCFM: 00000000 . My openat os version is v3.15.

You should activate your internet plug-in first. But you need an activation code. Do you have it?
Anyway you could try it without code - at+wcfm=4,“01”

thanks for relay!

I do not use "AT Command " to control my q24-plus module, yet i use OpenAt Opeate System to control my module.

My project can successfully use tcp/ip protocal ( Connect to internet server ) , i can do wap , ping , Gprs transfer (Based on tcp/ip protocal), It is all done by q24 plus cpu . i dont have any other cpu.

if internet protocal feature not activated , hao can i connect to internet server? i was confused.

void ftp_put_appli_entry_point() {

wip_debug( “Opening FTP connection…\n”);

dst_ftp_cx = wip_FTPCreateOpts (

if( ! dst_ftp_cx) { wip_debug( “Can’t open dst FTP connection\n”); return; }

the code above is my source code .

error info is :
Opening FTP connection…
ERRLOG ftp.c:101: Internet Protocol Feature not activated
Can’t open dst FTP connection

Disregarding what you use, OpenAT or just AT commands you still need your internet plugin feature activated… Read more about AT+WCFM command and do what I said above.

Basic TCP/IP is “free”; higher-level protocols - like HTTP and FTP - are part of the so-called "internet protocol feature " and have to be specifically paid for.

You will need to speak to your Distributor to purchase the necessary activation key - they will also be able to tell you how to use it.

Oh yes,it has been confirmed! I need purchase the necessary activation key ! thanks!!! :laughing: :smiley:

When you purchase it, be sure to discuss your requirement fully with your supplier;

Be sure that you fully understand how to use the key, and that the supplier will be able to support you.

could it be done by downloading new firmware to the module?
I mean new *.wpk file
just wondering :slight_smile:

only if all thing would work that easily …
(of course that won’t work… :neutral_face: )


These are paid-for options; the only way to do it is to purchase the appropriate key code.