AT command


Hello everyone,

I got an errlog ftp.c:101, which means that I must pay fea for enabling ftp.

Is there AT command for checking which features are available(FTP or HTTP)?

Thanks in advance




And if I purchase code for ip functionality. And I want to upgrade firmware, and OS, does IP functionality stays



Why aren’t you asking your Distributor these questions?

You’re going to have to speak to them anyway - so why not start now?!


Yes your TCP/IP will remain active.


I’m experiencing the same issue (and yes I’ve discussed it with the distributor).

+WCFM: 00000431,0

Looking at the OAT command guide, there doesn’t appear to be a specific entry for “advanced internet” or such like, or is this the 0x800 “reserved for future use” mask?

Also, what does the “wavecom debug feature” provide?


Look for a newer AT command guide. It seems that you have R7.x version of OS, so you should look a guide not older than you OS veriosn.


The AT Commands Guide for 7.43 is still much the same!

“Internet Plug In” is the one required for HTTP, FTP, etc:

“wavecom debug feature” is now called “Sierra Wireless debug feature” - but otherwise remains undocumented.


The +WCFM command description has been changed significantly since 4.26 version. At least it does have 0x400 bit description, and 4.26 guide does not.


The distributor confirms that the “1” mask should be set to provide “internet plug in”


…and it is, however FTP is not enabled on the device! Forum is misbehaving again.


What are you talking about? You have working WIP functionality and not working FTP? It is just not posiible! Check your source code.


It certainly is!

  • The “basic” socket-level WIP function will work on any device irrespective of so-called “Commercial Features”
  • The higher-level protocols - including FTP - require the “Internet Plugin” commercial feature

If you attempt to use a higher-level protocols - including FTP - without the necessary Commercial Feature enabled, then the basic bearer establishment will work, but the protocol-related calls will fail.


I contacted my nearest distributer, and I must pay fee for code that unlocks IP plugin,
And there is discount for bulk (1000pcs) :smiley:



Yes - that’s why it’s called a Commercial feature! 8)


431 means that you DO have Internet Plug-In enabled.

What are you going to unlock if you have already your plugin unlocked?


Ok, there are two of authors. JasonDiplomat does not need to unlock a feature since it is already unlocked :slight_smile:
nikola should pay regarding FAE words.


I’ve been told that the WIP will be a standard component of the next firmware release. SiWi admitted there were problems with this.

I got around the FTP problem by implementing my own FTP mechanism. It’s not hard!


I’ve heard that SiWi are abandoning this whole “Commercial Features” thing - is that what you mean?

As it stands, the basic socket-level stuff is “free” - it’s only the higher-level protocols (HTTP, FTP, etc) that need the “Commercial Feature” enabling…