New AT+WIP command


As most of people here is knowing the edlib/ebsoft is to be replaced by Wavecom “WIPLib/WIPSoft” solution.

I had got the WIPSoft (AT+WIP) beta version to testa few days before.

Though it is stated as “beta” version the WIPSoft shows serious problems. That make previous edSoft users very uncomfortable, espically they are requested for the migration in this year…

I had not tried all features but I list out my findings here :

[i]1. AT+IPR=xxx to change baud rate, the “OK” will come out in new baud rate

  1. AT+ADC command the second value is very high (65523)

  2. After starting GPRS bearer (AT+WIP=4,6,0), then make voice call, then ATH can hang up call but not show “OK”

  3. TCP data “Umap” mode (AT+WIPDATA=2,x,0,y) does not work (show ERROR) !!!

  4. In continuous mode, if local side to send ETX character will close socket , but com port will NOT back to command mode automatically, Only after pressing “+++” will see “+WIPPEERCLOSE: 2,1” message

  5. Even see “+WIPPEERCLOSE” message one has to enter “AT+WIPCLOSE” to close socket.

  6. Opening continuous mode TCP data , the “CONNECT” will not appear on new line

  7. If TCP continuous mode is successful, and after some data transfer, pressing “+++” back to command mode will reveive a lot of unsolicited codes +WIPDATA…

  8. For TCP client opening (+WIPCREATE=2,1,xxx) if first attempt is fail will get CME ERROR: 834,
    but retry will ALWAYS get error +CME ERROR: 831 +CME ERROR: 800 (even sure the TCP peer is valid), need AT+CFUN=1

  9. DLE/ETX pairing in continuous mode cannot be disabled !?)[/i]


hello Wallace,

Please, post your OS version.

Our initial problems came from the OAT OS, not from the WIP libary. We found out that when the new WIP libary behaved the same as the old one. But with a new OS everything was OK suddenly with the WIP libary.
I only know the WIP libary, but Wipsoft is based on WIPlib so it also could be true for that.

Best Regards,



The firmware version is 657k (B57k)
The WIPSoft is included with this firmware release.

My feeling is that both core firmware and WIPsoft program still need further improvement


Hello Wallace,

Probably you are right (we develop WIP for 2686 so we know the OS6.6X line). Released final WIPsoft will be available from 06/12/2006 according to Wavecom, but i would not bet on that.

Anyway, you can sit down and wait for the next release i think. :wink:

Best Regards,



yes it does provided you use the Open AT FW 6.57 / OS v3.12 and that the Wireless CPU Q2406B you have does support the IP feature.