WIP problems (udp server/ tcp client)


In our project I use a fastrack or integras with edSoft TCP/IP.

Our distributor send our the beta version of WIP, for testing it and for develop our aplication on WIP.

The versions we have are:


657_09gg.Q2406B 1953816 100506 17:21



WIP Soft v201 on Open AT OS v312

We have a lot of problems with beta version:
-We can open a udp server socket with instruction AT+WIPCREATE=1,1,80, we recieve ERROR

  • When we try to open a tcp/client sesion to a incorrect server or direction, we can’t close this trying connection, and it remains trying until we reset modem.

  • When we open a exchange data sesion with at+wipdata. We try to close socket with but it doesn’t work. We have to send ‘+++’ for go to a AT mode and later close socket with AT+WICLOSE.

  • When we put some command, the modem resets (for example, AT+WIPDATA=?)

There are more problems, but this problems I put at top are the more important for me.

Thanks a lot