FTP Feature activation


I’m trying to downlaod a file to the modem (Supreme, 663c, wip 3.10.0023) using ftp, but when I try to open the control channel, the return value from wip_FTPCreateOpts( is 0, and the debug message from wip is:

ERRLOG ftp.c:101: Internet Protocol Feature not activated

Wip is enabled because I’ m using GPRS/EDGE and TCP socekts (both client and server), but I cannot get FTP to work. Is an extra feature activation necessary in order to use FTP?


Yes - FTP is one of the “Internet Protocol Features” that you have not activated.

WIP just gives you the basic socket-level TCP, UDP, and IP - the higher-level protocols like HTTP and FTP are extra.

You now need to go back to your distributor, pay the appropriate fee, and receive the activation key.