How to active the Internet Protocol Feature?

How to enable the plug-in Internet?
I am developing an application that sends data via FTP, but always get the following error message: FTP Error: Internet Protocol Feature not activated.

How can I enable this feature?

Already contacted my distributor but has not gave me any response.
I have great urgency to activate this plugin…

Your Distributor is the only route to activate this: it requires you to pay the appropriate fee, and then they will give you the necessary unlocking “key” code.

Lesson to learn: always be sure to discuss your full requirements in detail with any supplier before purchase!

I need to use FTP and HTTP protocols.
I think the only way to use the power is with the Internet Protocol asset I am right?
Got idea of how much the license of Internet Protocol?

No, it is not the only way at all. This has been explained to you before: it is entirely possible to implement these protocols from scratch - using just the basic TCP/IP from the Fastrack. But it doesn’t sound like you have the necessary skills and/or experience to do it yourself?

That would be for you to negotiate with your distributor.

Why do you need to use these protocols?

Have you considered just using a basic TCP/IP socket interface…?

I need that my modem send some data of 10 in 10 minutes for my server.

I can send via ftp or http GET.

I already tried the examples of WIPSoft and seems to work well only when I get the following error message: Internet Protocol Feature not activated.

What are the first steps to develop a script to do this by using only TCP / IP, there is a tutorial?

It’s not a script - it’s an Open-AT application.

Look at the “TCP Client” and/or “TCP Server” samples provided with WIP.

For a basic tutorial on IP sockets (not specific to Wavecom, WIP, or GPRS), see: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1319&p=4836&hilit=+sockets+tutorial#p4836

Hello Everyone

I am trying to run the code for TCP/IP its test5. I am afraid I am unable to get it right in terms of what must appear on the terminal emulator. Embedded Application: Main appears on the TMT but what next I am even afraid to ask. If anyone knows this code may you please assist me.

I now have a detailed description of my problem.

void adl_main ( adl_InitType_e InitType )
  int r;

  TRACE (( 1, "Embedded Application : Main" ));

  /* Initialize the stack */
       r = wip_netInitOpts(

The application seems to hang after it prints the trace TRACE (( 1, “Embedded Application : Main” )); above. we recompiled with another trace just below the statement - r = wip_netInitOpts but it hanged again there. It does not seem to execute this statement properly and proceed with the program.

What could we be doing wrong??? :question: