SMTP Internet Protocol Feature not activated

Hello everyone,

Currently I develop an application to send an email based on DOTA example, it works well when I tested it .
But when my customer try it with different SMTP server, they got this error:

I use SMTP authentication type WIP_SMTP_AUTH_NONE, does this makes the problem?
I have no idea with this error, does anybody know what’s the problem or maybe a/some documentation about it?

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Regards, mus_wiguna

It means that you need to contact your Distributor, and pay to have the Internet Protocol Feature activated in your device.

Thanks Awneil,

So, contact the Distributor to have Internet Protocol Feature activated is the only way?
Is there any other solution? update the firmware maybe?

I bought one Fastrack Supreme, but I could use it to send an email without this error.
I didn’t update or change anything. Mine and my client’s fastrack are the same: Fastrack version, firmware version,etc.
I have checked it with AT+CGMR and ATI3.
The different only that We got the modem from different Distributor.

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Check out the result from AT+WCFM=5 between the two modems (and chech the AT commands guide on how to decode the result).



Get onto your distributor - they’ll know what to do.

ciao, Dave

Thanks Davidc,

I will go to Distributor to ask them.


So the difference is that one distributor sullpied a Fastrack with the feature enabled, and the other distributor supplied a Fastrack with the Feature disabled.

Again, this is why you need to discuss your requirements fully with your distributor to ensire that you get all the required features enabled!

Well, you could implement the SMTP protocol yourself - from scratch…

:stuck_out_tongue: you could even use an external tcp-ip-stack :wink:


One more time:

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