Distributors refuses to activate plugin internet


Hey Guys,

In 2007 I bought more than 70 modems WAVECOM FASTRACK M1306B for a project of communications, now in the same project we need to use the internet plugin, but the distributor, refuses to turn them forcing me to buy a new model, when the modems working so well.

What do you think I do?

How can activate the plugin without the internet through it?

Please help :frowning:


That sounds a bit unreasonable to me! :open_mouth:

Provided you’re sure that they can support it (correct firmware version, etc), I don’t see why they shouldn’t just sell you the necessary activiation codes.
(remember that WIP was only released fairly late in the life of the M1306B)

A client of mine had a similar requirement, and there was no problem with that.

Can you escalate the issue with the Distributor?

Can you contact Wavecom direct?

You can’t activate the plugin without the necessary activation code - which is tied to the IMEI, and must be paid for.

Do you really need the internet plugin?

The plugin is only needed for the higher level protocols - HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc - if you can just use “raw” TCP or UDP sockets, then you don’t need the plugin.


Yes i need send data to webserver by http or ftp, and i do not care to pay for activation.


That could get misinterpeted in translation; so, just to clarify, do you mean:

  1. It is not a problem for you to pay for activiation, or
  2. You wish to avoid paying for activation


awneil, i need activation, i pay per activation…