Windows XP loses GPRS connection over and over again


Hi All,

Im using the Wavecom Fasttrack M1306 on a couple of computers running Windows XP Pro for a while. On the application there using its important that the maintain online, but this just wont do

Im running in to serious errors lately. The connection keeps getting disconnected, and does not reconnect anymore. Of just doesnt connect at al. Its inevitable that it disconnects sometimes, but it must reconnect then, but it doesnt do that either.

I have the following settings:
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2 fully updated
Modem: Standaard 19200 bps Modem
Dialup nr: 99**1#
Modem init string: at+cgdcont=1,“IP”,“internet” (internet is apn of my provider)

I tried also to reset the modem with at+cfun=1, and then reconnect the dialupconnection in an script, but this doesnt help either. Windows gives ras error 718, of 621, (more frequently 621)

Are there specific settings involved to avoid this?




Have you looked-up what those errors actually mean?

eg, … 22182.html was the 1st hit for “ras error 718”…


I`m sorry, 621 is 681.

Error 681: General error reported by device
Error 718: PPP Timeout

aspecially the Error 681 what the most errors are, (718 only once or twice in the beginning) doesn`t tell me much…



Better get Googling for “ras error 681”, then…


I`m sorry, i googled my fingers of last weeks, and error 681 stands for anything the modems is erroring the computer cannot understand.

My main question is; are there people here ho also use wavecom devices by dialup networking, with continuous connection without problems ? The modems are installed in Trucks, and move around al day. Does it maybe have anything to do with that ?


Nice to mention though is that almost always gets reconnected when i unplug the power from the modem, and replug it again…


It’s ages since I did it, but I seem to remember that you can set Windows to maintain a log file of its communications with the modem?

Maybe you could use this to find precisely what message(s) are coming from the modem, which may give further clues…?


Are the PCs in the trucks with the modems?

Or are you talking about the PCs back at your “office”?

Or both?!


De PCs Are builtin PCs onboard of the trucks. A kind of CarPC concept. The modems are atached to them permanently, and must have continuous connection, and thats the problem.



There is some stuff in the Fastrack manual about fitting in trucks - have you checked that?
(I haven’t, as I’m not doing anything with trucks…)


I dont have this manual you`re speaking off, i have never saw a manual that had a specific part about trucks, can you tell me where i can find this ?



I found it already, its mainly about how to connect it to the truck battery…


Have you tried the fasttrack modem driver instead of the std. 19k2 driver?
I had some problems connecting to GPRS via the standard drivers, with the fasttrackd drivers everything was working with XP. (but I didn’t get it working on 2k).
BTW, have you done a AT+WGPRS=0,0 before (autoattach GPRS)?
The modem must be attached on gprs. You can have a look enabling a terminal when dialling. AT+CGATT? must reply a +CGATT:1




Well, de connection actually does work some of the time. Doesnt that mean that the GPRS attach works ? I was also adviced by my supplier tot try AT+WGPRS=7,1. (for crossing border areas?) Is that any good?

Where can i get the Wavecom Fastrack modemdriver?



I`m sorry for being impatient, i am desperately seeking solutions…

Where are these drivers for windows to be found, and what is the difference ?