Will GL6110 work in the US?

I’ve recently acquired a user that needs to deploy a system in multiple USA cities.

Will GL6110 work in the US? I know it works in the traditional GSM countries like UK, Europe, etc.

It has a WMP100 inside -and that certainly works in the USA.

If it’s bought in Europe & shipped to USA, you may need to set the appropriate band;
if it’s bought in the USA, I’d have thought it should come properly configured - check with the supplier…

Hi awneil, thanks for your reply.

I’m trying to understand how the GL6110 will work. Does it mean if I were to take a SIM card from an AT&T or Verizon iPhone and put it inside the GL6110 (with a micro-SIM adapter), it will work? Or does it take a special SIM card or plan?

Do you mean using the Wavecom Multi-band Selection Command, AT+WMBS=4,1?

As already said, GL6100 and GL6110 programmable modems are based on WMP100 wireless module. So, these are quad band GSM/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900, GPRS Class 10) supporting GSM/GPRS US bands.
The multiband selection is enabled by default since firmware R7.45.
You can use any SIM card with a data plan on 2G GSM network.

That will save much work. Thank you.