SIM card used for GL6110 doesn't work on FX100?

Is there a different requirement for the SIM card for FX100? I had a customer using an old GL6110 modem and needs to upgrade to FX100, but the SIM card can’t work. I’m know nothing about SIM cards but it appears that they have different specification from the look of it.

No, there shouldn’t be any specific reason why a SIM from a GL6110 shouldn’t work in an FX100.

Does the SIM from the GL6110 work in anything else?

Do other SIMs work in the FX100?

Is there an Open-AT app in either the GL6110 or the FX100?

Need more details of how, exactly, this SIM “can’t work” in the FX100 …

A good start would be to set AT+WIND=32767 and AT+CREG=2 on both devices and then record all the output as each one starts …

Thanks for your help. No, there’s no Open AT used, only the usual basic AT commands like AT+CMGF, AT+CMGL, AT+CMGS, etc. :smiley:

I’ve not had chance to test the modem again as it is offsite, but it appears to me that “older” SIM cards don’t work. Is there a standard for SIM cards to connect to UMTS?


I’m not familiar with the GL6110 modem, but here in Oz there is a difference in sim cards used for the 3G/UMTS network and those used for teh 2G/GPRS network (or at least the telco requires you to change sim cards when migrating from 2G to 3G devices).

Can you check the sim card is suitable for your 3G network (as the FXT100 has a 3G Q2698 inside)…

ciao, Dave

It’s a WMP100 inside - so 2G/GPRS

I guess if it’s an old SIM it could be “2G only”