FX100(Q2698) can't work with SIM card with custom APN user

the FX100 modem is used as a dial modem in our application, connected to our logger.
I have customer who has custom APN with username and password.
but the FX100 has no response to PPP PAF Authenticate-Request.
so I can’t carry on a data connection with PPP.

but the SIM card work fine with a FXT03 modem.

is anyone has the similar problem and has a solution?


Sorry, no - but perhaps this might help you in your diagnosis:

blog.antronics.co.uk/2010/10/15/ … indows-xp/

Hi Yong,

Can you try configure the CHAP/PAP username/password via AT+WPPP command?

Please refer to AT command guide for Q2698/FX100 for detail.

Hope it helps.