FXT009 Not communication with network

I have a FXT009 connected to some bespoke hardware, a wireless datalogger. The modem is to be used to transmit data from the logger to servers in the UK, I am currently in the states. The data loggers software allows me to alter the APN, Username and Password. I have purchased an AT&T sim, and entered the corresponding APN information, but the modem does not connect. I have also tried this with a British O2 sim to the same effect. Any help would be appreciated here. Thanks.


Is your AT&T sim enabled for data?

Have you got a SIM PIN on the sim?

Can you plug the modem into a PC and make a ‘voice’ call - eg use

ATD xxxxxxx

where xxxxxx is the number to dial. Try it to a land line rather than a mobile in case the mobile doesn’t deal with inbound ‘data’ calls properly.



from the PC to get the firmware (and other details) out of the modem and post them here.

Have you set the right bands for the modem to transmit on? Can’t help you with which are the correct bands as I’m not in the states, but get the AT commands guide from the Developer Zone and look up AT+WFM and see if you can figure out which bands are enabled in the modem.

ciao, Dave

What, exactly, do you mean by that?

Does the modem register to the GSM Network?

Does the GPRS attach work?

Is it an end-to-end TCP issue?

If it fails, use AT+CEER to get the call clearing cause;

AT+CEER might give something useful after a failed GPRS attach or activate.

Also set AT+CMEE=1 to get extended error codes for other commands.