FXT002 GPRS connection


I’m trying to connect to the internet using FXT002 modem.
I did the GPRS setup using the commands below but when I do a dial up (ATD99**1#) the response says NO CARRIER

Commands used:

Please help


A couple of things to check:

  1. Does your SIM card require a PIN? check using
  1. Are you actually connected to the network? Check using
  1. Is your sim card actually enabled for GPRS data? (You’ll have to check with your provider)
  2. Is the Access Point (AP) that you’re using ['Internet"] correct for your ISP
  3. Do you need a username & Password?

Hope this helps somewhat.

ciao, Dave

Try issuing AT+CEER to get the Clearing Cause (ie, reason why the call ended) - the codes & meanings are listed in an appendix at the end of the AT Commands manual.

I’ve seen some cases where the password is said to be “none” but, when using AT commands, you do have to explicitly give either an empty string, or a string with a single space… :confused:


For example, Telstra here in Oz used to require both the username and password fields filled in at connection time (i.e. “none” and “none”), but the fields were ignored.

ciao, Dave