FXT003 - get up and running

Hi all

I have been thrown in the deep-end with this, so please take it easy on me. I got this modem hoping that I could do the following:

  • Be online - using the data allowance as given by my carrier (Telstra NextG SIM with voice and data)
  • Make voice calls (using the ATD command)
  • Send MMS (send a JPG to a phone using the appropriate AT command)

I have a AirLink FXT003 which I was told could do all these things. I was hoping for it to be as simple as getting the modem online using whatever means necessary (using the Discovery Tool even), then I was hoping to target a COM port that’s connected to the modem, send an ATD command to it and be able to make a voice call.

Having installed the modem, I soon discovered that it’s not going to be that simple. Looks like I need to use the Developer Studio (2.0) to write a C/C++ application to do this.

However after getting the c++ ‘Hello World’ example off the ground, I found myself fumbling in all different directions trying to find a way I could write what I need.

So, I’m asking for ‘n00b’ direction here. After looking around this forum, I can’t find what I’m looking for so I hope this thread will help me and also act as a ‘tutorial’ of sorts to others in my situation.

  • Can I achieve what I set out to do?
  • If so, how? (can anyone point me to some sample code, share insights)

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.


You can find MMS sample in Developer Studio if you included “WIP Open AT Plugin Package” under package selection when creating a new project.

Hope this help.


Thanks lotam

I found that I can

-make the voice call using ATDxxxxxxxx;

-send the MMS using AT commands

-connect to the internet using the standard dialup mechanism.

So no programing using the scary Dev Studio is needed - phew!

Yes, MMS was supported in WIP AT.

“scary Dev Studio”…
Do you mean it? lol

I’ve been using the Dev Studio for the past month with a couple of the FXT009’s and I must admit it did feel like I was thrown into the deep end by my boss.
But keeping at it and I have found that it is getting easier. If you keep at it and want to go the development route I do recommend it.

I agree… . it was quite scary to dive into it head first… especially for the relatively small amount of integration with the modem (dial internet,sms) … the AT command set saved me . .