Question about FX100 airLink programmable Modem

Hi, everyone,

I am using airLink programmable modem FX100, and its firmware information according to “ATI3” command is "R7.50.0.A2.201302191346.FX100.
My question is:
when I power up this modem, I found it is not enable to receive my AT command like “AT(CR)” for 15 seconds after power up. Is there any command can reduce this setup time or it is a fix feature for this modem? This delay is too long for my project, I need it ready less than 5 seconds after it powers up.
I am new to this modem and AT command set, any suggestions are welcomed, and i do appreciate your time and help in advance! Thanks

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There doesnt seems to be any AT command for this. It seems the modem is in initialization phase.

Thanks Rex_alex, I also called the distributor, looks that product has 15 seconds boot up time and can not be changed. :frowning:

Thanks again.

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