Access modem thru Telnet


I need to access the FXT009 modem command line (to send/receive the AT commands), so we are able to send SMS like connected thru serial por but from a network. Only one PC will be connected to the device.

The final goal its to send SMS, so its a SMS gateway. Any internet solutions are not solution, since this should work without any external/internet connection.

Is there any final or demo code that I can use for this?
I’m a brand new to Open AT, never used and have some trouble finding what I need to start.
I have other projects that I’m working and I should not spend too much time with this…

If someone could point me a final solution, or a starting point would be great…




Please go through the AT_Commands_Interface_Guide.pdf for the version of FW installed in the modem. Refer to short message commands, section 17.


The last version of the AT Commands Interface Guide can be found on the Resources section of the Dev Zone:

AT Commands Interface Guide direct link: … Guide.aspx


I know the AT codes, and already done some with USB/RS-232
Now I want to use the FXTE02 ethernet board to do the same thru Telnet. So I can access the modem thru a IP network, and does not need the FXT009 to be attached fisically to the PC, but available thru a network.

I belive that the Telnet is the best way to do that, but I don’t know OpenAT, and I’m looking for an example or complete code to program the FXTE02 to listen to Telnet and convert send/receive from USART nd pass it to Telnet.



So do you want the FXT to listen to some TCP packet(e.g. telnet protocol) and then response thorough UART? In this case, you don’t need the ethernet, right? Just GPRS+WIPSOFT +UART to response the TELNET is needed.

Correct me if I misunderstand anything.


Did you have a look to the “tcp_server” sample code provided in the SDK (part of Internet Library)?

It is the base code to run an embedded Telnet server which can be accessible from any bearers (e.g. Ethernet).

Then, you have to put your custom code into the incoming data handler function of your Telnet server application in order to parse and treat your custom Telnet commands (e.g. to request to send a SMS message). Then send the SMS message using ADL SMS service.

It is not so difficult, but you have to learn a little bit Open AT :wink:




this forum topic may be of interest as well:

To me, it seems very close to what you are looking for.


PS: credits to lotam for the link

Thanks all for your infomations.

I think I’ll stick with JayM2M tip with the Open AT Framework.
It looks very simple, but I’m stuck in the beggining.
My expansion board has microchip ethernet controller, and I’m not able to make it to work.
First when I try to use the “tcp_server” examples the link and act leds does not light. When I stop they work…
I also found a example of a telnet that looks very simple, I just can’t make a tcp connection to work now.
I also have a problem that I cannot find where I put the FXT009 IP address, or how to make it work in DHCP.

Can anyone please help in these first steps?


zejulio, I believe ClearComm will already do everything that you are requesting here: There are a number of distributors that sell Fastracks with ClearComm already loaded. If you’d like a free sample feel free to PM me.