Sending AT command via TCP/IP on Ethernet Expansion FXTE02

I need to know if there is a way to configure/setup/program the Ethernet expansion card FXTE02 to act as a router connected to a DSL modem. This will allow the FXT009 modem to receive AT commands via TCP/IP through the ethernet card FXTE02.

I know that I could use GPRS/EDGE to send AT Command via TCP/IP. However I have a DSL modem line that is more reliable and faster Internet connection than the GPRS/EDGE one. No I do not have access to 3G.

Ultimately If I can do that, I can send AT command to the SIM card to an USSD app of the mobile network operator and send the response back throught the ethernet port of the extension.

Conceptually, is this possible?

Thanks for any insights you may have on this one!


The ethernet part is just a data transport - it neither knows nor cares whether the transported data represents AT commands or whatever else;

The AT command execution neither knows nor cares how the commands are delivered.

You just need to glue the two together!