Enabling FXTE02 on FXT009 unit

I have installed the FXTE02 Ethernet add on card in the FXT009. I have Development Studio 2.3.0 installed on Windows 7, and accessing the FXT009 via Serial port.

I updated firmware to 7.47.6.

I have created a new project based on the tcp server, build it, and pushed it down to the FXT009. Do the at+wopen=1, which returns ok, but nothing else happens, and I still am unable to do a at+eth without it returning an error, and the ethernet port never powers up or links to the switch it is plugged into.

What am I missing?

Thank you in advance.


What is the response of AT+WOPEN=7 command.


The return was 7,12 - but I found where I wasn’t enabling the proper module. Still, it didn’t do what I was looking for.

In the documentation for the FXT02, they reference a sample ethernet code, but I can not find that listed in any of the libraries. What I am looking to do is enable the ethernet port to accept a connection like a telnet session, and send AT commands to send sms messages. Is there any sample code out there that would do this?

Our network monitoring tool has the ability to connect to a device simular to the FXT009 and send sms alerts via the AT command set, but the server is on a VM, so I need ethernet connectivity to the sms sending device.

Thank you in advance.