how to activate and configure ethernet connection

is there somebody to tell me more about how to activate and configure ethernet connection on the fastrack supreme.
i try this command without success.


I would like to know this as well. Not much information available on the net about the ethernet IESM. Can someone please answer?


I’m assuming that you have the Ethernet IESM card inserted into your modem. If you haven’t got the card, then ethernet is not going to work!

There is an WIP Ethernet sample application supplied with the OpenAT WIP plugin - look in the plug-ins->WIP->WIP->samples->fastrack_ethernet directory for the source and a Word document on all the parameters associated with the application. There is no .dwl file in the samples directory - you’ll have to build it yourself and download it to your modem - or perhaps your Distributor may be able to supply it for you.

Sounds as though you haven’t downloaded the application to the modem.

If you’re having problems getting started, I would talk to your Distributor about how to get going with OpenAT.

ciao, Dave