Ethernet on fastrack ? howto info needed


I have a Fasttrack Supreme 20 with the IESM FSUE04 Ethernet daughter board. The fasttrack is using a Q2687G module (with 1mb ram), The module is using the R74a Open AT OS. (ATI3 gives R74a00gg.Q2687G 2106632 102809 12:57)

What I need to do is try and figure out how to write an Open AT application that can use the ethernet bearer. (Specifically my boss wants me to build a router using the NAT/Masquerading feature mentioned in the WIP documentation.) I am using the Sierra Wireless Development Studio Build Version (The lastest M2MStudio). I can create an Open AT library project that lets me create an ethernet driver project from the list of sample/template projects. However from there onwards I have no idea how to link this library to my main app or how to use it. I have been unable to find any decent examples or documentation. Can anyone here point me in the right direction ?



Many (most? all?) of the WIP samples link the ethernet driver.


What you need is the “Wireless Internet Gateway (WIG)” sample. Please talk to your FAE or to your distributor to get this sample.



Is this the same sample app that comes with the Fastrack IESM board, or something newer.

I asked my distributor about it, and they were confused about what I was asking for…

Any further info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dave

Look at the samples that come with WIP stack.
Ethernet driver is in the Libraries directory.

I am in the exact same situation. Have no idea how to get the Ethernet up and running due to poor code commenting and non-existent documentation on Ethernet from Sierra.

Somebody please do us a favour and put the Wireless Internet Gateway sample up, it would be much appreciated!


Any luck on getting “Wireless Internet Gateway” source code from some where?


From your Distributor :question:

Don’t forget that Internet plugin must be enabled in your modem in order to use WIP stack.


Incorrect :exclamation:

See, for example: AT command - #13 by awneil

Did you contact your FAE or distributor ask for this specifically? If they don’t know about it refer to them this name “Wireless Internet Gateway (WIG)” and tell them that it is available!

Regarding the IP activation:
Ip feature restriction changed a long ago, so if you are not using really old Open AT then that is not true. Check out the link that awneil gave you.
From Oasis 2.35/R7.45 there will be no checking of the feature set. All modules in any configuratin will have full functionality.

Thanks for your responses. So is there a fee charged for this (Wireless Internet Gateway) software by Resellers?

Secrets, secrets… But is it really secret? So take a loook if you want:

It’s rather sad when the only way to get hold of a company’s own publication is via 3rd-party websites! :unamused:

See: Re: Forum revamping is scheduled to be shortly done - #12 by awneil

Thanks victorjd and awneil.

Now the guide says, i need Open AT FW R74b (B74u or above) to make this work. Not sure where to get it. The latest I could get is R74a. Apparently B74u NET layer has DHCPS support.

I would really appreciate if you can tell me where I can get it from.

One of the previous respondents said “Oasis 2.35/R7.45” enables all the features. Even this version could work for me.


One more time: From your Distributor :exclamation: