How to enable Ethernet expansion card FXTE02

I am using the Ethernet expansion board FXTE02 installed in the FXT009 module. I cannot get it to work.

The Ethernet expansion board is very limited. Here what it says:

Where can I get the Sierra Wireless Ethernet application sample to download?

When I run “AT+WOPEN=1” I get “OK”
When I run “AT+ETH=1” to enable the Ethernet card, I get “Error”

Please I need help as to how to download the sample program or Ethernet library to be able to setup the Ethernet Expansion Board.

When I installed the ethernet Library, I get the error “wip_drv_eth.h no such a file”. Where is this file?

Thanks for all the help!


Here is what I have loaded as a sample on the FXT009:
Ethernet [Internet Library Package (] Sample

Firmware 7.47

I am using the Ethernet Expansion card and cannot get it to work.
I tried AT+ETH=1 to enable the Ethernet card and I get an error.

Thanks for the help!