Ethernet expansion card


I bought the ethernet expansion card for my FXT009, it came with no documentation and I can find none on the Sierra Wireless website.

Is there any?


Just download the Airlink FXT series user guide from the sierra wireless website, you will get the required information about Ethernet expansion card.


Thank you very much, I thought I already had that. Now I do.

After going through that manual it didn’t really give me what I was after but it did refer to the expansion cards as FXTE01 and FXTE02, this enabled me to find a manual specifically for them; … ev001.ashx

In here the part I was looking for is under the requirements for each card, specifically for the Ethernet card (FXTE02);

“The Sierra Wireless Ethernet application or a customer’s own developed application must be
running on the Fastrack Xtend.”

So now I am off to hunt down the Sierra Wireless Ethernet application.