AirLink FXT009 support or repalcment

our customers internet/network provider announced that they will not provide support for 2G soon.

We are currently using Sierra Wireless Fastrack Xtend FXT009 (also for sending SMS).
According to some sources the modem is outdated.

I went through the manual and I am absolutely new in the world of HW.
I am a bit confused about the functionality and support in case of issues.

Do you have any recommendation, do we need to replace the modem and if yes, then to which one?
i read also about Ethernet expansion card.

thank you very much for your advises.

Hi Ivan,
Sierra does not produce FXT0009 anymore, but if you have any issues, you still can get support from your Distributors.
And if you want to replace new hardware, FX30/FX30S will be a suitable candidate.
You can find more details as

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