CDMA version


Does anyone know if the CDMA 1x version (FXT004 series) is actually available, and if not when it will be.

Neither of the distributors in our area seem to have any information on it.




I guess you’ll get some information regarding this on the Sierra Wireless website.
Did you check the website ?



The FXT modems are not orderable through the Sierra online store, the only information on Sierra’s web site on how to obtain the modem is a link to the distributors. There are 2 in our area (Canada), and neither one could provide a specific availability date.

A more recent check of the website shows Sierra has taken down all pages for the FXT modems except for the one for the EDGE version, and our distributor has just informed us that all other models have been discontinued. As we have been working for several months now on an application that depended in part on the availablility of the HSPA version, this has created a major problem for us.

I have to wonder why Sierra purchased Wavecom. Of Sierra’s 3G devices AFAIK only 1, the Q26 Extreme, uses OpenAT, and our distributor informs us the Q26 is likely to be discontinued in the near future as well.


Have a look at the SL Series, especially the AirPrime SL808x HSDPA module and AirPrime SL809x HSPA+ module which will support OpenAT. There will also be a new Q series module that supports HSPA and OpenAT next year some time.