Open AT CDMA modem

Hi all,

does anybody know if Sierra has plans to release an OPEN AT running CDMA modem ?
Is it in their roadmap ?

Furthermore there are posts in this forum implying that the SL3010T is OPEN AT, but this cannot be confirmed neither by the SL series datasheet nor by our FAE.


It is SL3010T. [url]]

Kindly contact the Sales team for more info.


samples where not available for this modem in July.

We contacted again our distributor Avnet and the SL3010 as of November 2014 does not appear in their portfolio/pricelists anymore. Does anybody have information if the modem has been canceled ?

Forum users supported that this modem will support Open AT while in the Sierra datasheet nothing like this was mentioned.

Does anybody have information about this modem ?


Hi Again,

can someone from Sierra make a comment if this modem exists and if it supports Open AT ?


hi all:
i am sure …SL3010T is support the OPEN AT …i have sample…

Does anybody from Sierra read this forum ?

Is it so difficult to answer such a simple question. We are waiting 3 months for an answer !!!

Is this modem in production ?

Does it support OPEN AT ?

Why isnt this modem sold in Europe ?

Hi Pratos,

Sorry for delay in reply… is it Avnet Italy distributor? or which country you are in where you want this module? Let me know, i’ll take it up with sierra internally…


We are Infinite Informatics Ltd in Greece.

Yes Avnet in Italy is our supplier.

They do not have information on the modem.

We recently learned the modem is available to selected clients.

We need a manual for it to understand the complexity of porting an OPEN AT application for the Q2687 to the SL3010.

Is it a Qualcom chipset and are the AT commands similar to the SL5011 ?

hi :
i have test the SL3010T ,and with OPENAT …
now firmware is R753BETA…and it have different open at install now…
if anybody need the datasheet and install packcet …please contact me
please see the hardware datasheet in the atached file
best regards. is qualcom chipset …abut SL3010T close the evdo …only CDMA…
SL3010 have two type at command …one is same with SL5011 .and one is same with old wavecom COMMNAD …like Q2687 and SL808XT