SL5011 Verizon activation


can someone please give us the procedure to activate an SL5011 at the Verizon netowrk ?

The Q26 Elite procedure which is documented by Sierra does not apply at all.

Verizon does not have any documented procedure and similarly nothing can be found at Sierra’s documentation.

Our FAE in Europe cannot provide a sollution.

Further to this we require a direct link with a Sierra support engineer for CDMA sollutions, can someone contact us please.


George Pratos

Hi George,

I believe we can use AT command, ATD*22899 for Verizon OTA activation.

If it failed, can you please check whether the SL5011 comes with Verizon SKU?



we tried it and fails. With a semicolon at the end and without.

I believe this is not working since the SL5011 is a data modem.

What is the Verizon SKU version to check it ? The modems have printed on them Verizon and they are loaded with the latest firmware.



today it is more than a month since we posted a request for support.

Nobody from Sierra knows how this modem is working ?

We would like to thank user muamw10 whose guidance got us on the the move again.

I would like to ask a simple question also, who thought to allow the activation of the modem only using the USB interface on a modem which is designed as an embedded engine and i mean where the majority of the applications involve an MCU and a modem connected via a serial not USB.

So in a few words if you want to activate this modem you need a USB interface just to activate it once, and special software tools which you need to get from your FAE.

You need USBDriverInstallerV3860.exe whichis USB drivers for the modem. Which they dont install correctly on windows XP machines and you need to manually search for the inf files of the drivers at the folders where they install.

And in order to activate the modems you need Watcher.msi which is a software nowhere to be found at the Sierra web site which allows you to activate the modems over the air.

Can someone from Sierra please contact us.
Thank you.

Hi George,

To my understanding, ATD*22899 should works in normal case.
What happens after you send 22899 with Verizon network coverage?
If it doesn’t work, apparently something wrong in the configuration and so please contact your distributor to check and open a case with Sierra.

There are dedicated USB driver for SL50xx available but I don’t know why your distributor cannot provide it to you, and for info, SL50xx do support UART interface.

Also, please reminded that this forum is not an official support channel.



the ATD*22899 does not work probably because the modem is a data modem and it is unable to fullfil a voice call.
We are aware of the USB interface now and how it should be used apparently.
It is not a matter of configuration.

We used to use the Q26 Elite until its sudden EOL and we have products which are Verizon certified.

Can you please send me a private email so we do not turn the board in to support channel as you say.

We are aware that the developer forum is not an “official” support channel for Sierra, it is for users like us who seek help from fellow developers.

I really wonder though where we will get official support afterall.

Hi George,

From where you buy those SL5011?
I believe your distributor should have access to the official support portal?

Here you can search the list of distributor:



we are from Europe, Greece. Check our site to see what we do we dont buy 10-20 modems per year.

I have the feeling we are probably the only company working with Sierra CDMA engines in Europe.

Our distributor is Avnet Memec. We came to the forum because they cannot help us since they lack knowledge for CDMA engines.

We have access to the support ftp server in Europe which has totally nothing on CDMA.

My question is very very simple. Who can provide support for this modem ?

For example is it possible to activate the modem using the ruim interface and a SIM card ?

Where can we find the latest USB drivers for this modem and the latest watcher ?

Hi all,

the final verdict for other users not to loose time.

If you want to activate the SL5011 modem you need a USB interface just to activate it once and special software tools which you need to get from your FAE, they are nowhere to be found on the internet.

USB drivers for the modem, we used USBDriverInstallerV3860.exe
You also need a windows utility Watcher.msi this is also a software nowhere to be found so ask it from your FAE.

The modem is designed to be activated via the USB.

To change back and forth serial and USB you can do it entering config mode with command AT!OEM=176 and AT!SERIALPORTMAP=79
will switch the USB to the serial port.
Command AT!SERIALPORTMAP=75 will switch the serial port back to USB.

The ATD*22899 comand is not working via the serial. This command is issued by the watcher utility using the USB.

It might be possible to activate the modem using the ruim interface and a SIM card, the modem has the SIM wired, we did not test it.
Since the deisgn reference is the same with the SL3010T we assume this procedure probably applies for that one also.
It would be best though if it can be confirmed by someone from Sierra.



We have contacted the distributor for handling/correcting the situation.