Can't Communicate with SL5011

I’m having a problems communicating with my SL50101 Rev. 1.0, firmware p3110503. I can connect to it using Watcher (R7.26.3.0 - device Driver USB MUX R2.1.13.0). However, I cannot communicate via terminal emulator either through the USB interface or UART under Windows XP.

Under device manager I can see the following devices:

  • Modems
    • Sierra Wireless Modem
  • Ports (COM & LPT)
    • Sierra Wireless CnS Port (COM15)
    • Sierra Wireless DM Port (COM14)
    • Sierra Wireless NMEA Port (COM16)

Using a USB monitoring program I can see ‘AT’ data on the “Sierra Wireless Modem” port when I use Watcher to make a data connection.

Using a terminal emulator I can send AT commands to the SL5011 on the CnS and DM ports but I do not receive anything back from the module. I can verify that the data is being sent using the USB monitor.

I’ve also tried connecting to the UART pins and get no response on that port either.

Is this a driver issue, or do I need to do something with the SL5011 to enable communications?


There is no AT port??


There’s a listing for it under Modems, but my communications program didn’t list it as a COM port. Got it working now.

How to identify the COM port for a “Modem”: … indows-xp/

(the same applies in Win-7)