Sl5011 - Obtaining an IP Address


I’m working on a port from a SL8081 GSM module to the SL5011.

I have experience with a Telit CDMA module and sending an AT!SGACT command will active the session and the module will obtain an IP address.

I’m struggling to find something similar with the SL5011. Can someone provide guidance on starting a data session with the SL5011? It may exist, but I have not been able to find clear documentation on the Sierra website. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



May I ask which OS platform you use?

If you use Windows OS, Watcher could be best for you for testing but you need to contact your FAE/dist.

If you use Linux or other platform, you may try PPPD.



We are using MQX and are connecting to the module from an embedded processor over the UART.

If it’s useful for debug/testing, I can connect the module to my PC over the USB port.



Thanks for info.

I think it is best if you can connect SL5011 to PC and make sure data connection can be established. I do not know which carrier you are using, some carrier does require activation…

Also, as you use UART only, have you configure the module for UART usage and using correct baud rate?
Are you able to get AT respond over the UART interface (e.g. sending “AT\r” to UART and getting an “OK”)

Does your embedded OS support PPPD?