[SL8082] UART connection


Hi guys,

Actualy I need a physical serial connection between my sl8082 and my software. Basicaly I’m using the dev kit from sierra and I tried to connect the module through the base board uart, but I didn’t have success.


Is it possoble to do it this way? There is any trick that I am missing?




Hi Marcos,

UART for SL8082 on devkit is supposed to work, also it is correct to configure !MAPUART to 1.

Can you please check the dev.kit doc? You should set the switch to enable the UART and are you using correct baud rate setting on your host?

Also, which UART interface you used to connect to host? I think the UART2 interface on Devkit is enabled for SL8082. Please check the doc to confirm.

You may like to check +WHCNF setting as well.



Hi Lotam,

Actualy the Serial cable that used at first wasn’t shielded. Therefore I couldn’t make anything. But now I’m good, just handling some issues regarding this stanby mode after 4sec.