Can't talk to SL5011

I have the Universal SL Dev Kit with 2 socket boards. The SL6087 socket board works fine. I can connect UART1 through a serial port to my laptop and issue some basic AT commands. When I plug in the SL5011 and set the switches properly to SW600-Open SW601-L as the doc describes, I get nothing but junk on the serial port. Is there something magic I need to do to make the SL5011 socket board work?


Hi Andrew,

For SL50xx, you have to first send the “AT!SERIALPORTMAP=xx” command to map the service to UART port to enable it.

For details, please refer to AT command guide page 86.

Hope this helps.

We have the UART and JTAG ports hooked up to the SL5011 on our board, but no access to USB. Can we use the JTAG port to configure the device to operate via the UART? What tools do we need?



As of the photo you posted, I believe you have a working SL dev.kit on hand.

So can you try to connect USB port to your computer and then send the AT command I mentioned using hyper terminal on Windows desktop to the modem port or using minicom on Linux machine to /dev/ttyUSB0 port?
This is one time operation for that module and should enable the AT port afterwards.

Hope this helps.

Did this ever get resolved? I have no idea how to talk to the SL5011. The serial port (UART1) either gives me a connection error (hyperterminal) or is just completely silent (minicom). UART2 is just quiet (no responses, no nothing). The USB device causes it to show up as incorrectly configured hardware (Bad driver) in windows device manager. IS there a specific USB driver for this module? It doesn’t seem to use the same one as the SL6087 or SL8090. Is there a place to download another driver? There is also a lot of mention about a ‘watcher’ application. That stuff seems to be only for the wireless USB Cards, not the modules themselves. IS that correct? I just want to get this thing talking - any help would be appreciated. The Firmware flash application doesn’t work (port connection error).

Thanks in advance.