SL9090 development startup questions

I have purchased the SL series Development kit, and an SL9090 module. It appears that the SL9090 should be compatible with the 80XX modules, so I set the dev board switches appropriate for SL80xx development. However, I am not able to issue AT commands via the serial port at power up. All the lights come on green on the dev kit. I can also plug into USB, but I cannot find a Windows USB driver for the SL9090 module.

The SL dev kit works as expected with an SL8082 module plugged in. I wonder if I need to configure the SL9090 in some way to wake it up.
Also, I am wondering if the SL9090 supports OpenAT. The spec sheet says no, but I wonder if it will be available in the future. Also, can AT commands be issues over I2C bus?


Few things to check:

Please refer to SL9090 PTS, section 4.5.3, “Configuration A is set by default.”

So, as per Development Kit Quick Start Guide:
Please set Configuration A (CFG A, SW901) to ON and give it a try.

However, it depends on software configuration on your SL9090 whereas the UART maybe disabled, as per PTS section 4.5:

SL9090 may be provisioned with the ability to use the UART interface to communicate with peripheral devices. Contact Sierra Wireless for further information.

If it doesn’t help, I think the USB driver already comes with the USB disk comes with the development kit? Otherwise, please contact your distribator or FAE to get the USB driver.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for the response. I flipped SW901 to ON, and it still won’t listen to AT commands on the serial port.
The USB drive that comes with the dev kit only contains the Open AT framework installer, which I installed. When I plug into an 8082 module, the drivers are there, but not for the 9090.
Is there another way to send AT commands to this device (besides UART and USB)?
I have contacted the distributor and Sierra Wireless and have not gotten any satisfactory response yet.

The SL9090 require a QMI USB driver. It is a completely different driver than SL8xxx. Normally an NDA is required to get it but your distributor should be able to help with that.