UART Communication with SL5011


I am unable to control my SL5011 from the serial port, and effectively at all since I changed the configuration.

I was able to connect to my SL5011 through USB, but wanted to use the serial interface for communication with another device. I connected to it using USB and issued two commands:
AT!OEM=176 which allows me configure certain settings
!SERIALPORTMAP=79 which is supposed to enable the UART1 interface.

Now, when I attempt to connect to the serial port in hyperterminal I get an error: Unable to connect to Port X, Please check your port settings. If I connect to the port in the discovery manager I can sometimes connect but am unable to issue any commands, and most of the time I get an error saying that something else is already connected to the port. What’s worse is that now the USB doesn’t work to issue AT commands because the second command above sets the serial port as the only way to do so.

Can anyone help me figure out what is going on here? Short of that, can anyone help me reset my modem so I can at least use the USB for at commands again?




Try using QXDM, in order to force the AT port on the USB:
Issue QXDM command “nv_write_item 20073 0x00”, and reset the device.
Now AT/Data service is mapped to USB device .



cool - thanks. Anyone who doesn’t want to fool around with QXDM I also found that if I redownloaded the firmware (using the CDMA flash utility on sierra’s site) it will also reset the usb connection to be the AT command port.

Any idea what is actually the problem with my serial connection. I’m using one of those Serial->USB wires to make the connection - are there some tricks with those?

These are the AT commands I’m issuing to change over the AT port from USB to serial:
• AT!SWI=97
• AT+WHCNF=6,1,1,1,1,1 //activate UART
• at!serialportmap=79

But then as I’ve mentioned the serial wire hooked up to UART1 doesn’t give me any love.