SL8092 - Discover Tool Mishap


I connected up the SL8092 via USB to the Discovery Tool - no issues. Accidentally set the SL8092 into UART mode using the Discovery Tool, and I don’t have a serial interface (i.e. RS232 with RTS/CTS and level converter to 1.8V). Any way to set the SL8092 back to USB mode?

[Given if I had a serial interface, I see a lot about AT+WHCNF/WMFM in the Product Tech Spec/Design Guidelines (and in this forum), however I have the AT Command and UMTS Extended AT Guide, but neither documents mention it. Any clue to where WHCNF or WMFM is documented for use with the SL series?]


check for AT!MAPUART command.
Also AT+WHCNF command is also available for SL module.

Both the commands can be found in “2130616 Extended AT command guide”.

WMFM command is not available.


AT+WHCNF is a locked command by default IIRC, and requires that you run:
where … is to be replaced with some code.
Not sure if that’s public, so can’t post it here.

Thanks to all for the replies.

Once I got a MAX3232 chip/board and a (SparkFun) Level Converter, plus two 10K ohm resistors to give me 1.8V for the level converter from the 3.6V supply, I was able to hook up my embedded Linux board to the SL8092 and get it back to USB mode using ‘AT!MAPUART=7’.

I now have a useful serial comms wiring diagram! :smiley: