SL8082 on USB: where's the serial modem endpoint?


So I’m trying to drive the SL8082 using USB.

Having used MC8700 and MC8705 modules, and modules from other vendors before. All these modules had one serial endpoint that I could use as a modem, in addition to the AT commands port:


Now, using the SL8082 module, I don’t have this serial modem endpoint:


It’s required for my project to have two serial AT commands interface (the project uses embedded Linux OS, I need both ttyUSB modem and ttyUSB AT ports)

How can I activate this additional endpoint?


Welcome to the forum.

I believe your SL8082 is running PID 68A3 so there are only 1 AT/PPP port.

You will need to change the PID to 683C and you may need a password to use with AT!ENTERCND to make such changes. Please contact your FAE for such procedure or request one with right PID.


Oh thanks! Indeed the PID is 68A3.