MC7354 Verizon Activation

I back-ordered the Verizon firmware version of the MC7354 and it finally arrived today. I tried to activate it on the Verizon network both online and by phone, and they refused to activate it either by IMEI or MEID. When activating online, it stated the device didn’t support GPS and I needed to call to activate. When I called in, the rep informed me their system won’t activate it because it lacks E911 support.

I later noticed that the module actually shipped with Telus firmware. Is it possible a firmware change would alter the MEID?


What process did you followed to download the FW? Is it CDMA?


I did not download any firmware. I ordered the Verizon version of the module. I think maybe I got the Telus version instead.

can you share me the response of at!package? and at!priid?


PRI Part Number: 9903442
Revision: 05.05

Carrier PRI: 9999999_9902266_SWI9X15C_05.05.16.03_00_VZW_005.013_013


Ok, so I see Verizon in there. Why are they telling me it can’t be activated?

Using IMEI:

Using MEID:

When I call the number, they tell me the same story and offer to sell me something else.


Any support would be greatly appreciated. I will have to return these products if they cannot be activated on the Verizon network.

Any update on this thread?

Verizon doesn’t seem to want to activate the MC7354 for me either. In speaking with them, they claim it doesn’t support E-911 and as a result they can’t activate it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the card may be certified to work on the AT&T and Verizon network, so that’s okay, but not the device itself? There’s a certification process the device has to go through in order to get on Verizon’s network?

For example, if you’re using the MC7354 module (Yes it’s certified to work for Verizon), but there’s a certain list of protocols it has to follow in order to use their network, such as if your device attempts to dial out to Verizon’s tower and fails, there’s a certain wait time Verizon requires that you put in before you can redial back out to its tower again.

I think that’s the problem you’re facing? Although the Airprime is certified, your device isn’t?

Verizon will only tell me that the MC7354 doesn’t support E911 and thus their systems can’t activate it.

For what it’s worth I told them I’m using it in a Dell laptop. I don’t think my “device” is the issue.

I got a device from China and successfully flashed the generic firmware on it and got it talking on the T-Mobile network but I can’t get a data connection up yet. I may try AT&T next.

Would be nice to get a response from Sierra regarding activation on Verizon.

You know what? It may actually be the firmware on your MC7354. Verizon may think it’s a telit / GSM card instead of a Verizon CDMA version. You’ll need to flash the firmware on the card for Verizon usage, that may be the issue, Verizon may be trying to connect with the card and realizing it’s not actually CDMA and returning with some answer mentioning it’s not supported.

Try looking into flashing it as a Verizon / CDMA card :slight_smile:

I did try flashing the latest Verizon firmware but that didn’t change the MEID or IMEI or ESN or any of that stuff, which is all Verizon is looking at.

My apologies, I just scrolled up on this thread and seen that you’ve done exactly that. This is strange indeed. I’ve been attempting to our MC7354 integrated and we will eventually need to use Verizon as well…
I wonder if anyone else has been experiencing this. I did see this: which is someone else experiencing this E911 support issue as well.

Go activate a Verizon USB modem and move the SIM card to the MC7354. For whatever reason the VZW CSRs don’t have the power to activate them. Probably just that nobody’s using these in commercial products so the bureaucracy hasn’t been sorted.

That would be correct.
Verizon doesn’t like anything on their network that they do not know about, hence why their system is so closed-off from others. In order to get a product or device on their network, it has to go through a stringent certification process. I believe you can request a test pool if you join their cert program for new products / projects that are M2M or similar.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but my impression is that if I activate a Verizon SIM card in one device and move it to another, LTE service will work in the new device but CDMA will not work. Is that true?

That is not my experience.

I’m in the same situation: HAS ANYONE RESOLVED?

Here are my details:

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: MC7354
Revision: SWI9X15C_05.05.16.03 r22385 carmd-fwbuild1 2014/06/04 15:01:26
MEID: A100004694B36B
ESN: 12808720003, 80850E83
IMEI: 359225052206000
FSN: J8538106140410
+GCAP: +CIS707-A, CIS-856, CIS-856-A, +CGSM, +CLTE2, +MS, +ES, +DS, +FCLASS


PRI Part Number: 9903442
Revision: 05.05

Carrier PRI: 9999999_9902266_SWI9X15C_05.05.16.03_00_VZW_005.013_013


The resolution would be to put your device through the Verizon Open Development process. Then you could submit the IMEI numbers of your devices and Verizon would approve them. Verizon simply won’t activate devices not in their database.
As mentioned, Verizon doesn’t seem to blacklist devices that you move a previously activated SIM to. They just won’t activate a new account using that device’s info.

Also you’ll need to run the Verizon specific firmware on the MC7354 if you want any hope of approval.

They also will not let you make any changes at all to an account that has an unapproved device on it.

I just gave up and went to another carrier. It is not worth the hassle. I’m extremely annoyed that Sierra markets this device as Verizon compatible.