Verizon OTAID for MC7354 modules?

Anyone know how to find out the “OTA ID” for a MC7354 miniPCIe card?

I need to it register some modules so they can be used with VZW but Verizon’s paperwork requires a OTAID (a decimal Mobile Model Number and Firmware Revision) which I haven’t been able to find.

SW has a doc “AirPrime - OTAID Table for Verizon” ( … -verizon/#) but the MC7354s aren’t listed. Also tried find some AT command that might show it, but couldn’t find one…

Sorry can’t help with that but I am interested that you got this far with VZW with the MC7354. Usually they just reject the IMEI as unapproved. If you manage to get it registered please let the board know.

We’re a part of Verizon’s Open Developer program that allows us to [should] enable our MC7354 chips. However Verizon needs this “OTA ID” (which I believe is the same for all MC7354) along with IEMA numbers in their online form for this. Otherwise, yeah, the MC7354 cannot be turned on since in Verizon’s computer they are linked to the device you’re using; and, that device need to certified or pending certification in VZW’s OD program.

Anyone from SW know the OTA ID? I’d imagine someone else has run into this problem…