MC7354 ATT vs Verizon

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the ATT version vs Verizon? Is it just software firmware different or is the “physical” module is actually different? The reason I ask is that I have an MC7354 module which currently works on T-mobile SIM, but I am trying to us the Verizon SIM. But the Verizon dearler (after looking at the IMEI number on the module) says this is not theirs so it won’t work. And then on the internet I found that there are “different” firmware for the MC7354 so I thought that I can simply take the Verizon firmware and “burn” onto the MC7354 and make it work with Verizon? Is that how these thing works? Sorry, I am very new to this stuff so I have very limit knowledge as how they work.

Thank you!

can you share the result of the following commands from your module?