mc7354 AT commands not working

hi ,
in mc7354 firmware is Verizon and inserted LTE4g SIM but it showing CDMA .

Current Time: 24737 Temperature: 41
Bootup Time: 5 Mode: ONLINE
System mode: HDR PS state: Attached
CDMA band: No band CDMA chan: 65535
Subnet mask: 64 Color code: 161
PN offset: 6
Sector ID: 0080:0580:0000:0003:200A:F8F8:4102:2401
IMS reg state: Limited IMS mode: Normal

RSSI (dBm): -63 ECIO (dB): -6
IO (dBm): 0 SINR (dB): 4
RX1 (dBm): Unavailable

what is the problem please help me.

Which carrier package you are using?
What is the output of AT!PACKAGE?, AT!PRIID? ,AT!SELART? and AT!BAND?