MC7455 AT&T Sim works, Verizon Sim does not



hopefully someone can point me to any information.
On an embedded linux device we are using the 7455 module. When inserting an AT&T sim we are able to connent to the network without a problem.

When inserting the Verizon sim, in the same device, the sim is not detected.
We tried also the Carrier Specific firmware versions of the module. But no luck.

I have the impression something basic is wrong, any suggestion very welcome.




Is this a Verizon 4G SIM or an old CDMA RUIM device? If it is saying no SIM inserted after the at+cpin? command then electrically it is not detecting the SIM and it is never going to work.




Hello we figured it out,

it was a problem not with the module but with ofono and the enumeration of applications on the SIM card. Will provide the fix upstream ofono.